In a sane world this would be satire but I can't be sure these days That's lTke saymg ret's have the politicians of Illinois put a bill on the moon coming up or not based on the gravitational pull so it doesn't change the tide levels in Lake Michigan or the ocean at different periods of the day or night that doesn't make sense is this another form for the politician or 1 Like Reply 21m see it was originally used for the purposes of World War 1 & 2 obviously because you can't see sit in front of you but on lawmakers to make them tax dollars to another note it has to do with put in their pocket here in Illinois to put in their pocket apparently it is because they make a lot already in with everything that's been going on everything that happens in the universe Can people that see that far or what? Like Reply 21m it's definitely We are just changing back to b4 when we didnt try to effect time with daylight savings sounds like a bad solar power project true it's all over the radio and google searches on multiple verified sites Like Reply 20m Like Reply 19m керіу 9m LIKE So basically for an hour give or take it is more of a state of mind not a never heard of this before but I guess it's something try but to me it's obviously dark early or dark late it's kind of like saying to is the earth flat Just cuz you change the time doesn't mean it's going to get dark earlier or dark late it's still going to happen catastrophe I1 Like Reply 18m Lol We're undoing something man has done Not Mother Nature You're obviously confused and don't like change much Like Reply 9m Like Reply 14m Im not confused just because man has changed the rules based on Daylight Saving Times it's still going to happen either way it's a state of mind what's the if you dont know about this than I hope it blows your mind difference httpenmwikipediaorgwiki International_Fixed_Ca lendar 6m Like Reply ENWIKIPEDIAORG Write a reply GIF Write a ronly More from a Guy from my earlier post about Illinois possibly getting rid of daylight savings time sorry for the cropping done on my phone Meme

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