IN-FLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT Featured programming for this flight SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DRYWALL Twelve contractors compete to win a contract to build the 12000 sq ft Egyptian tomb that Donald Trump has requested to be buried upon his death NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON RUINS YOUR FAVORITE MOVIES Neil deGrasse Tyson explains the miniscule scientific inaccuracies found within films in an attempt to ruin them for you BALD MEN'S HEADS WATC THE FLXZ A montage of bald men's heads shown from various distances and angles Music by Audioslave NICKI MINAJ'S KNITTING CIRCLE Did you know Nicki Minaj loves knitting? Join her each episode as she teaches you how to knit sweaters doilies butt thongs and more! SHREK 5 SHREK-NICAL SUPPORT Shrek settles down and gets a job working in IT to support his family Not much happens-just like in real life JUST TWO HOURS OF MY GRANDPA PLAYING THE BASSOON My grandpa is learning to play the bassoon He is not very good but you can watch him play for two hours straight if you want THE PERSON SITTING IN SEAT 14F There is a hidden camera pointed at Seat 14F of this plane Tune in to see what that passenger is doing right now TWO AND A HALF HAMSTERS To save on licensing fees we superimposed hamster heads over the faces of the main characters in Two and a Half Men All of the laughs at a fraction of the price obviousplant Left these fun in-flight entertainment options on an airplane Meme

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