IN FORMING THE WORLD ABOUTOUR BABY'S GENITALIA GENDER REVEAL PARTIES ARE TRANS AND INTERSEX- PHOBIC THROWING THEM FOR YOUR BABIES TELLS THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE NOT READY FOR A TRANS GENDER NON-CONFORMING OR INTERSEX CHILD THAT'S TRUE! SY SOPTE LAseuu coLORs BY MAE-ORTIE Assigned Male Comics Like Page 12 hrs Gender reveal parties are trans- and intersex- phobic practices that reinforce gender stereotypes Edited to include intersex issues image description Three characters at a gender reveal party A banner says informing the world about our baby's genitalia There's blue and pink balloons and confetti A masculine-presenting adult in a blue shirt is holding s baby in a pink onesie Stéphie wearing a brown dress is opening her arms and saying Gender reveal partie are trans- and intersex- phobic Throwing them for your babies tells the worls that you are not ready for a trans gender non- conforming or intersex child Like Share Comment I have no words Meme

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