IN MEMORY OF THE Stanley AImodo Andrew Leinonen 32 vears old o Aleiandr var LI 23 years old o Amanda L Alvear 25 years old o Oscar A Aracena Barrios Martinez 21 years old Brenda Marquez McCool 49 years old o Gilberto R Silva Menendez 25 vears old Montero 26 ye Rodolfo rs oldo 37 mberlw Jean 0 Antonio Davon Brown ars old o Akyra Monet Murra 8 years old o Luis Omar Ocasio o 20 years old o Geraldo A Roman Burt 005 rs @lCl о А elario-Padro 28 Ortiz Jimenez Eric Ivan Ortiz-Ri old o Joel Rayon 36 years Paniagua 32 old o Juan Chavez Marti- ars old o Jean Carlos Mendez Enrique L 25 years old o Luis 35 years old o erez Rios25 0 years old o Jean es Connell Tevin Eugene Crosby 25 years old Deonka Deidra Dray ton 32 years old Simón Adrian Carrillo Fernández am vears old Nieves Rodriguez 21 ears old Xavier Emmanuel Serrano-Rosado 35 years old Christopher Joseph Sanfe- liz 24 yearsold Yilmary Rodrig uez Solivan 24 31 years old o Leroy Valentin Mercedez Marisol Flores 26 Fernandez 25 years old Edward Sot years old Tomlin son years old years old oPeter Ommy Gonza lez Cruz 22 years old Juan mayor Jr 34 Shane Evan 33 years old Martin Beni 33 years old Camuy Vega Juan Pablo Velázquez ergio Ramon Guerrero 22 years old Paul Terrell Henry 41 years old tezTorres Frank Hernandez 27 vears oldJohathan A 24 years old Javier_Jorge Reyes 40 years old i v e ra Jason Benjamin Josaphat 19 years old years oldo Miguel Angel Honorato 30 years old Luis Eddie Jamoldroy Justiee 3oyears old Fielma n k F r a n k y inmy DeJe Jimmy DeJe- Anthony Luis Laurea- no Disla 25 ears old o Christopher sus Velázquez 50 years old Luis Daniel Wilson-Leon 37 years old Jerald Arthur Wright 31 years old June 12 2016 tando orlandostrong millionlittleshiningstars12 These were people with lives and loved ones These were people with families with parents andor siblings and cousins and aunts and uncles and significant others and friends and children and souls and hearts and dreams and likes and dislikes and hopes and wishes and things that made them happy These were all real living breathing people who lived and loved and dreamed And they were taken away from this world way too soon for a horrible completely unfair reason I hope they Rest In Peace Meme

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