in my past life In my past life I was haunted Nothing mattered to me except that I was wanted Putrid veins and a ruptured heart My mind almost tore itself apart I woke up to rainy days and a rusted gate I trapped myself into thinking it was all just my fate I lost most Put them above all Then dropped them upon their fallen wings like Lucifer All because I grew rougher I returned each day to a collapsing structure I was being kept there by an abductor My mind stood complacent As I saw my loves get chastened My heart broke as I saw each hit so I took it to the backyard where I buried it Mother left and soon itook my first hit around June My bead ached my bones quaked and my heart cried six feet down Though worst of all my feelings drowned I grew cold and numb i saw those around me as dumb Cavernous eyes and painted-on smiles That's all I saw I couldn't see then who was staring back at me in their faces Though I knew what annoyed me most was their innocent graces i saw him even down to his fucking jaw My abductor I saw a fact that finally set me free I had made every single one of his fucking bids Followed like a soldier avoiding what he forbids I realized only then that I had become his puppet his toy the only way to truly become free I discovered was to have fun and play destroy I left him as his true self A broken down man battered and bruised All he ever wanted was to be amused He found solace in his pain though never fully recovered again So he acted out of spite and jealousy as one of the descendants of Cain Though I wouldn't know anymore since I resolved to never see him again a poem i wrote about my shitty father who is abusive and transphobic Meme

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