IN THE FLESH IN FICTION Richmond Va Times-Dispatch SUZANNE ALFORD Via AP Warner Bros TERRY O'NELE via AP Movie magic is brewing for Daniel Radcliffe an 11-year- old British actor picked to play Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone> STORY 1OA The word is out on the film cast for Harry Potter Emma Watson 10 will play LOS ANGELES-The big Hermions Granger and Repert screen has fond Harry Potter Grint 11 will play Ron Weasley 11-year-old British actor Daniel Boh have acted is school plays Radtine The caoting call fer Hay and Daniel will play the boy wizaed oer characters froo he ury Poe in the movie aduptestios of Harry ter novels besasellers writica by Dnel Radciese 11 Passera ihr Sorrrrr'sSaw de IK R0%ling had children from ton cl Hany Poe er rd the Sorcerer's Sore Erm Watson 10 wt s thealen best year 11center wil play the 1se chancr in the movie Britiis and elstwhore sendingi Hemione Granger and Plupert Gins 1t wit be Fion Wossley a recest BBC adspeation of Drvid We sw so many coormounly walkod into the noom and we all screen test I doa't hist Chris Colusbus coeld have found better ming John Boorman moComs aid in an anosoce The Potter beots follow the Hary Rowling said in Warner's Daniel portragyod yeung David in ioa tupes to Wasner Beos Copperficll He abo appcars in the talented Lids in the scarch for Hc knew we had found Harr mont on Waer's Harry Potter Web eploets of an-y-old boy ubo aouc Diroctor Chris Colombus and sile The pexcess was intene and drscovers thie he bus inhtrinod sma The fourth installinmentof Hary rroducer David Heyman saad yes there wore times wben we felt we al powers from his parents a poir adventares Harny Poner anf the erday dut they have aho cst two wceld mover fnd an dnidal aho of wizands killod by a powertococ Co of Fin lod to log loes el Bitih neacors to play Hary's mbodiod the complex spirit and my best friends at llogwarts school depohof Harry Potter Then Dum Having seen Dan Radcliffe's uns at booo ǐwaigutihed last oth when Newspaper announcement of Harry Potter casting from 2000 httpstcoKfYybslQgL Meme

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