Inaugural Address of William Henry Harrison THURSDAY MARCH 4 1841 continue for the residuo of my lte to l the chief exocutvo ofice of this groat and froo nation I appean perfcmance of ts duies and in obedence to a custom coeval with our Govemment and what I bel e dutes which l shall be called upor to perform of that celebrsted Republic that a most stiking contrast was observable in the conduct of candidates promises modo in the formor However much the sorid may have improved in many respects in the la i examiration of the annals of some of he moden elective govements would develop sinlar insta ng me the Chiel Magistrate of this glorious Union nothing upon their part remaining to be dore it may n to my prinaiples and opiniors and perhaps there may be some in this assembly who have come her how ered But the lapee of a few months will confm ar dispel their fears The outine of principies to a Iced Milk still wins though Meme

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