ind i a Gindiafknellis if anyone wanted an insight into living with students my housemate has just sent this survey to the house chat for us to fill in 1 Do you know where the bins are situated? Of course for I ama human being with eyes This'll just take a sec Lol what is BIN Take this survey powered by surveymonkeycom Create your 2 Are you aware that bins when ful own surveys for free wwwsurveymonkeycom require emptying? O 1got into a top 10 uni clearly I have more Take my survey https wwwsurveymonkeycomr 936HVFV than three brain cells Omg wot I just assumed the magical bin pixies do it when I'm asleep haha wot crazy Guys can you please please please please pretty PLEEEEASE do this survey for me real quick It'll take like 30 seconds and it's on a 4 Did I create this survey PURELY because I'm salty about emptying all the bins for the fourth time in a row and wished to communicate this in a subject that's really close and dear to my heart Thankeeee passive aggressive yet mildly witty 1257 way? Yes Yes Passive aggression 1010 Meme

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