Indeed in 1859 when he was nineteen he left school and entered the Ministry of Justice as a clerk Again he per formed his duties adequately if without enthusiasm becom- ing meanwhile something of a gay young man-about-town Only one incident from his official career-indicative per- haps of the nervous temperament beneath the bureaucratic surface survives Modest Tchaikovsky relates 'He had been entrusted with a signed document from the chief of his department but on his way to deliver it he stopped to talk with someone and in his absence of mind never noticed that while talking he kept tearing off scraps of the paper and chewing them-a trick he always had with theatre tickets or programmes There was nothing for it but to re- copy the document and however unpleasant to face his chief for a fresh signature classical-crap classical-crapI think we have enough biographical evidence to believe that tchaikovsky basically invented Mood I feel like you guys are reading the underlined part and that’s all well and good but you’re missing the fact that this man literally ate paper because he felt so awkward and mood Meme

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