INDEPENDENCE?2? FROM WHAT??? IT WAS ALL PLANNED @ 4biddenknowledge The RevolutionaryWar was planned and hundreds of thousands of good men died for nothing We never gained independence There was an agreement made and a grand illusion established America is still under the ownership of England and the only thing that has changed is the controlling power has been transferred to the corporations which are still owned by the Royal Bloodline to this day! For 235 years we have been sold a bill of goods The founding fathers are a scam Independence day is a scam the revolutionary war is a scam Everything is a lie The declaration of Independence should be something we issue today against a government that doesn't respond to our grievances The country is ruled by the same oligarchical principals that always ruled it To make a better country one must root out the corporate control and have a government that works for the people something that we never had We have arrived at Orwell's Big Brother where we have Newspeak which tells us that WAR is actually humanitarian We have always been at war with Iraq and Afghanistan WW3 started in 2001 and will continue for years to come Be proud of yourselves for working against the corporate oligarchical tyranny and for working to build a future that you can actually be proud of TruthHurts 4biddenknowledge Meme

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