infiremeyoongi How to be a better ARMY Respect BTS privacy and personal space If you see them in public dont stalk them don't disturb them and don't scream at them When they're on vacation let them enjoy it They work a lot so they deserve to have some rest Don't get involved in fan wars and stop fighting with other fandoms Don't cause any unnecesary drama Ignore the haters-they're not worth your time Respect and love all members equally Don't send them dirty disrespectful and rude messages on VApp and Twitter Same goes for Youtube comments Stop attacking females they interact with Always remember that they are humans too They are not your property and do not belong to you Support them and their work They work so hard for us so make sure they know how much we appreciate it And once again RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY AND PERSONAL SPACE I feel like after recent events this had to be said Read & learn DDD Meme

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