Ingen tjeneste 1944 83 % T Share 213 165 rogejumo 2h I agree LA is definitely dirty Reply 60 Astars1234 19m especially skid row it genuanily looks like a third world country Vote Sal_Bundry_5TDs1Game 1h Then stop complaining on this blog forum website from the comfort of you're home and go do something about it instead of being a lazy f*ck And before someone accuses me of being a Hippocrates I do my share by kicking homeless peeple sometimes in the head but usually in the nuts it's funnier haha until they get up and move elsewhere I also make them pick up there garbage I throw my empty cans and unfinished lit cigars their for efficiency so it's a two-in-one solution Everywhere I go0 gets cleaner your welcome beer -34 SiwaNeverKnowsPeace 1h Let it be known that Sal Bundry is not a Hippocrates because he kicks homeless people in the nuts Trashy redditor shares what he likes to do with homeless people from runpopularopinions Meme

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