Insomnia Adventures uOceanundertow Be me sleep deprived DM half an hour ago Get startled by phone ringing It's one of my players Me Dude it's midnight you good? Friend Yeah yeah sorry if I woke you Could I ask for a favor? OhGodHeKilledSomeonegif Me Uh sure? Shoot Friend My daughter can't sleep could you tell a quick story over speakerphone? She loves listening to the recordings of our sessions before bed but I left my laptop at the office so I can't play them NaniTheFuckmp3 Me She listens to us to fall asleep? Friend Yeah but she really likes your plot and NPC acting bits She calls you 'dumb dumb mister Guess Dungeon Master is a bit hard for a preschooler Me Wowwell if it will help her sleep then sure Friend Thank you! Okay give me a sec to head back to her room pause Okay you're on speaker Me Hey daughters name it's uncle Anon Daughter Happy gasp Dumb dumb Mister! I'veNeverBeenHappierToBeCalledADumbDumbjpg Me You ready for a story aboutDM IMPROV SKILLS ENGAGEthe time your daddy and his friends went deep into a cursed temple to save a frost dragon egg? Daughter Incomprehensible happy squealing noises I then proceed to spend nearly 20 min spitballing a story over the phone for the most fascinated little girl until she eventually fell asleep Friend thanks me for the help and says he'll see me on game night Lay down in bed actually feel content and comfortable for once I should have thanked him I am the dumb dumb mister positive-memesBed time stories Meme

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