Inspired by Monks Backed by Science Designed for you The Monk Manual90 Day Planner is a daily system that helps you focus on the most important things so you can live each moment with greater purpose productivity and presence Accountability Reseacher John Bargh has found that people will focus on small mindless tasks rather than real productive work 90 Days Research by Janet Polivy shows that our brain often fails to commit to long-term goals because it fears big projects leading us to quit our new venture at the first sign of distress Focus vs Distracted Research by Anders Ericsson showed that the best performers were not spending more time on their craft rather they were being more productive during their practice sessions in an attempt to avoid our most important projects Habits According to researchers at Duke University habits account for about 40 percent of our behaviors on any given day Daily Reflection Empirical research has repeatedly shown that striving toward self-concordant goals consistently strengthens the link between goal progress and well-being Gratitude People who regularly practice gratitude consistently report a host of benefits including stronger immune systems stress resiliance higher levels of personal happiness and increased generosity Progress Tracking Researcher John Bargh describes robotic behavior 'busywork as the #1 enemy of goal striving Progress tracking is a known strategy for culling busywork The Power of Questions Everytime we ask and contemplate a question our brain develops new neural connections leading to new insights and creativity Meditation Meditation has been linked to increased brain volume in certain areas of the cerebral cortex along with less volume in the brain's amygdala which controls fear and anxiety - ONE FULL PAGE SPREAD FOR EVERY DAY WEEK AND MONTH - FLEXIBLE NOTE SPACE ON EACH PAGE -COVERS A FULL 90-DAY PERIOD PRINTED ON HIGH QUALITY ACID FREE PAPER - 256 PAGES PRINTED IN COLOR WI - SADDLE STITCH BINDING WITH VEGAN PU LEATHER COVER SOY BASED INK LAYS FLAT! awesomage Monk Manual Planner A Daily System For Peaceful Being and Purposeful Doing A 90-day planner that helps you focus on the most important things so you can live each moment with greater peace purpose and productivity Fully funded in less than 4 hrs and 300% funded so far Only a few early birds left HURRY UP to lock in your pledge now httpbitlymonk-manuals Meme

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