Insurance Agent Lawyer FAMILY AND FRIENDS YOUR CLOSEST FRIENDS AND THOSE WHOM YOU ASSOCIATE Aunt WITH REGULARY Merchants Best Friend Pharmacist Friends & Neighbors People You Work With Best Man Real Estate Agent Travel Agent Bridesmaids Brother Church Members Brother-in-law WHO ARE MY? HOBBY BUDDIES THE MEMBERS OF YOUR OWN Architect Camping Friends Dancing Class Associates Drawing Class Fantasy Football League Friends Fishing Buddies Hunting Friends Karate Class Buddies FAMILY Associations Members Bus driver Father and Mother ButcherBaker Father-In-LawMother-In-Law Grandparents Computer Tech Children's Friends Parents Children Chiropractor Club Members Brothers& Sisters Aunts & Uncles Singing Class Sculpting Woodworking Friends Workout Friends Delivery Person FedExUPS Driver Nieces& Nephews Cousins Fireman Florist LISTS YOU ALREADY HAVE Jeweler YOUR TEAMMATESPLAYMATES Leasing Agent Current Address BookOnline IN Mailman Contact Manger Email Addresses List MinisterPastor & Their Wife Bowling Pet Groomer Cell Phone Contacts Football Photographer Holidays Cards List Wedding Invite List Child's Birthday Invite List Business Cards List Golf Police Racquetball Property Manager Sports Team Members kids Tennis Volleyball Any Other Game teams and their parents to0 Tailor SOCIAL MEDIA THOSE YOU DO BUSINESS WITH Veterinarian Facebook WaitressesWaiter my favorite Water Supplier Auto mechanic LinkedIn Instagram Plaxo Accountant Banker Twitter BabysitterChild Care Provider Car Dealer Skype Other Dentist your kids too Doctor your kids too Dry Cleaner GrocerGas Station Attendant HairstylistBarber THOSE YOU HAVE BEEN Hunting license Refrigerator Tires and Auto parts TVStereo or Service ASSOCIATED WITH IN THE PAST Don't Like Their Job Former Coach Has Been in Network Marketing Has Character & Integrity Has Children in College Has Computer & Internet skills Has Dangerous Job Has Desire & Drive Former Co-workers Former Roomma tes Vacuum cleaner Former Teacher Wedding items tomme People in Your Home Town KNOW INDIVIDUALS WHO Are Actively L0oking for Part-Time Job Previous Neighbors Military Cohorts Retired Co-workers Has a Great Smile Has to Pay Down Their Credit Card Debt Schoolmates Are Ambitious Was Your Boss Are Enthusiastic Has Public Speaking skills Are Entrepreneurial Are Caring People Are Champions Are Fun & Friendly Just Got Married Just Graduated WHO SOLD ME MY? Air Conditioner Just Had a Baby Just Quit their Job or is Boat Are Fund -Raisers Business Cards Out of Work Camper Are Goal Oriented Love a Challenge Love to Learn New Things Want to Help their Spouse Retire Early Want to Make More Money Are Natural Leaders Are Organized Are Positive Thinking CarTruck Computer Cell Phone DishwasherLaund ry Machine EquipmentSupplies Fishing License Are Self-Motivated Are Single MomDad Are Team Players Are Your Children's Friends Parents and May Be Interested in Your Product Want More Time With Their Families Want to Work Furniture GlassesContacts House While browsing multiple MLM sites I stumbled across this list from Simple Corp Global Simple Man &amp Simply Hers On the page before these there’s text that blatantly states “Contact everyone you can think of” Yup this should cover darn near everyone Meme

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