Internationat Museuraofthe Keatucky Horse Park nyc-conservative la-volpe-bianca memeseverdie memeseverdie scarlettjane22 The world’s biggest horse Brooklyn Supreme standing 78 inches tall and weighing in at 3200 pounds History In Pictures Thicc “Brooklyn Supreme may be 3200 pounds of solid magnificent horse flesh sinew and brawn but Brooklyn Supreme is a surprisingly gentle fellow whose greatest delight is stealing ice cream cones and goodies from unsuspecting little boys and girls” “Yes sir he just love sweets” his exhibitor Ralph M Fogleman explains “You watch and see what happens when that kid comes in with that candied apple on a stick Sure enough a youngster stood entranced below the towering head and shoulders above him His candied apple was momentarily forgotten Brooklyn Supreme calmly reached down picked it out of his hand and in a twinkling had separated sweet from stick and stood there smacking his lips” I LOVE HIM Damn look at that thicc hossy horse pussy NYC I’m going to have to ask that you log off forever Meme

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