intimatepasta retiredjesus what if one day tumblr decided to reveal all anon messages I have a storyll! One time someone from my school made this confession page on Twitter that you could text and it would immediately post on the Twitter page completely anonymously It spread really quickly and everyone knew by the second day it was going on Some awful things were being said on it I mean literally no one was spared No one had any clue who was running it and they wouldn't filter any messages The school board got so sick of this account that they contacted authorities to see what they could do to shut it down but since it wasn't affillated with the school technically they couldn't shut it down So this went on for four days just awful messages being posted about one another with no clue who was posting them as anyone could text the number to send in Then came the finale which changed everything At eight they would accept any DMs and post them any texts and then post them all at once at midnight Everyone was rushing to send in their confessions and like 100 or so came in Midnight comes Messages flood in Then the owner posts something a little weird along the lines of 'Nothing was anonymous after all And posts a fUCKING LINK WITH ALL THE NUMBERS AND THE MESSAGES EACH POSTED AND SCREENSHOTS OF ALL DMS AND THE NEXT DAY THERE WERE LITERALLY FIVE DIFFERENT FIGHTS IS THIS MEAN GIRLS?!! Source retiredjesus 125171 notes What if one day Tumblr decided to reveal all anon messages Meme

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