- inviato 1 giorno fa da u Trying to be really smooth here huh? I am smooth bitch P I am certainly not an academic I'd say rather a leader and in every single situation And if you were laying on a bed on your side it wouldn't go amiss for me to come and Park my hips inbetween your legs connecting our clits and riding you like a confident woman to an orgasm as I bit down onto my lower lip to assert myself you'd hear moans from yourself you never thought you were capable of Besides that believe it or not I'm straight forward and in charge outside the bedroom too be it tyre changing or fixing a leaky tap - inviato 1 giorno fa a u Errr you're crossing the line here no thanks - inviato 1 giorno fa da u no thanks Errrr you're crossing the line here You're straight for today? inviato 1 giorno fa da u Shorty? P I'm almost 6 foot I lay or sit on the edge of the be and get you on your knees in fact I'd make you bend over fully arms and legs stretched so you're a V shape with your ass right up in the air in front of me and I'd spank you for it to feel good on my hands and I'd vocalise this too And then get you on your knees and divulge my fingers through your hair and pull you into my soaked pussy 'mouth just like that just like that' telling you how i like it and then enjoying you to the fullest with my right leg around your neck pulling you in further to devour you until I've orgasmed in your mouth Get kik or discord for me? Permalink Cancella Segnala Blocca Utente Segna Da Leggere Rispondi - inviato 23 ore fa a u Already told you this shit is crossing the line for fuck's sake Permalink - inviato 23 ore fa da u Are you a fake bisexual or something? God fucking damn Not accepting a stranger's creepy pms makes me a fake bisexual Ok Meme

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