iplaytolosebitch: Person holding Skeleton (S): I have a joke for you :) Person in Boo Hat (H): What? S: What is a skeleton’s favorite snack? :3 H: I dunno… [go on guess] …death? [Noo….go on…GUESS!] Hckhhgh I dunno. (H starts to giggle) S: Come on…GUESS! WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING!? I haven’t told the punchline yet! What is a skeleton’s. Favorite. SNACK!? GUESS! H: [still giggling] You’re putting a lot of pressure- S: GUESS! FUCK! [slams skeleton’s head against crate] GUESS! GUESS GOD DAMN YOU! WHY WON’T YOU ANSWER ME!? WHAT IS MY FAVORITE SNACK?! H: [laughing] Bones? S: NO!!! [slams against another crate] NO!!! WHAT IS IT!? WHY MUST YOU FAIL ME SO OFTEN?! H: [holding face and laughing quietly] S: ………… [yelling at the top of their lungs] RIBS!!!!!!!!!!!! SPARE RIBS!!! FUCK!!!