Is 170 tall The Virgin Tatar The Dinaric Chad past the age of 10 Commits war crimes In self defense Square chiseled jaw makes his presence Gets 1 match Has a circular face no defined features on Tinder Sells passports to Fyromians to survive known Loses his virginity at 25 Lives in a 50 year old commieblock Never has sex again Causes Brexit 195cm tall Thinks he's average Retires with a Loses every war So white he €100 pension Gets free vacations made communism work to the Netherlands 10 years in the EU Has a lower salary than Dinaric countries Wakes up to call to prayer Gets 100 matches a day Builds the modern world on Tinder Probably won't exist soon The people of the Dinaric Alps a mountain chain spans across southeastern Europe are on record as being the tallest in the world with a male average height of 1856 cm 6 ft 1 1 in and a female average height of 1710 cm 5 ft 73 In It is not a country hence we have not included it in the list Probably banned from entering Croatia Pays for sex The Virgin Tatar Vs The Dinaric Chad Meme

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