Is named Mannfred THE CHAD VLAD THE VIRGIN MANNFRED Has a pimpin' ring that Fully embraces a countenance of vampiric badassery Glorious flowing resurrects him if you mane of hair even think about kicking his ass Bald Wastes precious magic to conceal his Vampire visage Walks right into Altdorf to conquer it because he felt like it Needs decades of cowardly machinations to even consider invading the Empire Primarily uses pussy spells to fight his enemies Never chosen in multiplaver because he's too powerful a lord to handle Such a hardcore vampire that even his sword sucks blood Not even smart enough to get armor that covers his sissy arms Carries books into battle because he's a dork Has poor armor- piercing to give his enemies a fair chance Gets +15 Melee Attack and Defense for respecting womern Stacy wife who will do anything for him Can't kidnap an elf without the help from some old man with dementia Constantly chosen in multiplayer just to abuse Spirit Leech cheese Uses magic only to prolong his ability to beat the shit out of his enemies Fights with the underdogs in the End Times just for the challenge Claims to surpass Nagash still acts as his bitch-boy Literally ends the world because he's a petty asshole Chad-struts everywhere Needs to ride a terrorgheist to be intimidating The virgin Mannfred vs The Chad Vlad Meme

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