is your 'they never taught THIS in school' moment? Discussion 88k 23k Share BEST COMMENTS Win_in_Roam 10h A patient being treated for HIV purpo spookykrik S6h Took care of a voung man with a qunshot wound to the abdomen He had many complications He was in the hospital for over a year He had an ostomy bag for a while but when they finally removed it he was so nervous because he hadn't pooped in so long His call Tight goes off and he says Go look in the toilet you're never going to believe this! I go in there and there is poop in the toilet!! His first solid poop I had seen in over a year! I walked out and gave him the biggest hug He was so proud of his poop I walked out of his room with tears in my eyes Nursing school never prepared me for crying outside of a patient's room because I was so happy they had pooped Add a comment Wholesome poop i guess Meme

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