isa @isabelchequer Follow yea okay i was bullied too but he shot me so like whats ur poinft Bradenton Herald@bradentonherald School shooter was volatile ostracized and 'bullied a lot' classmates and friends say ifttt2sAqpw3 1233 PM-18 Feb 2018 wolfnanaki tami-taylors-hair These Florida kids are not fucking around The kids’ response to the shooting has been something truly incredible Normally it’s always been very young children and it’s only their parents that can speak about it The narrative gets controlled the conspiracy theorists talk about how it’s all an act so much bullshit But these are kids who are active on social media incredibly close to voting age and they’re demanding their voices are heard Every single thing that downplays dismisses or conspiracies the shooting has been subverted by their efforts and they’re not letting adults who’ve never lived what they lived through control the narrative “It was a conspiracy!” “No we have video evidence of it happening” “Shouldn’t you be calling 911 instead of making videos?” “We called 911 so many times they told us to stop” “But he was a troubled child!” “We were ALL troubled that’s no excuse” And it just goes on like this Honestly I’m so proud of my fellow Floridians Meme

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