Isn’t it crazy how it’s been 2 years already 2 years that LiamsZaynsNiallsHarrys and Louis’ dream came true When One Direction was formed no one really knew about themThey didn’t have much fans When What Makes You Beautiful first came out it was stuck on 306 views right ? Now that song has exactly 138919669 views Crazy right ? How about the fact that they were compared to the Beatles? Or the fact that they hit number 1 on itunes in the US Or how about that they won a Brit Award? These boys have accomplished so much in so little time but yet some members are more loved than others They are a band and they should be loved the same In 5-10 years all of the boys will go their own ways As much as we love the boys they won’t always be this big Yes they have such a big impact in our lives but they won’t always be 1819 or 20 They will have to face challenges and start making their own decisions as an individual As much as it hurts One Direction won’t always be One Direction When were older we’ll look back and reminisce on how much we fangirled when what makes you beautiful came on the radio or when they came to our country we got so happy that they were in the same timezone as us or same country as us We’ll listen to What Makes You Beautiful and smile because of all the memories that the song brings back As much as it hurts we have to grow up and as much as it hurts the boys will one day go their own ways Meme

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