It could have anything else least in it did they bought something and you don't know about it for example when I go to the drug store which I don't but if I get a prescription what's in that prescription is exactly what I get but not if it's bought a legal on the illegal Market you dont know what you're exactly getting it's not regulated 0832 You're literally making the argument for why it should be legalized and regulated lol 0833 I'm just asking you to be careful that's all because youre taking big risks doing that and I think youre at the age where you should Know that but I'm letting you knoW that if something happens and you get arrested or get into any type of problem or situation you will regret that 0833 I have to go nice talking with you 0833 Type message SEND memehumor Mom is against recreational marijuana but doesn’t realize she’s making a good argument for it Meme

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