It should be illegal for men to propose to a woman It's 2019 why are women still letting men propose to them? You're just reinforcing the patriarchy of letting the man decide when you should get married It should be the women's decision not the man Men are only holding you down and they're using that proposal to be above you When more than half of women start proposing to men I might actually consider marriage again But marriage is too enforced of sexism and misogyny right now it's impossible for me and many women to consider ever getting married Ladies we need protest and make it illegal for men to have any say in when we get married If a man proposes to you reject him until he realizes what he's doing is wrong and sexist Kick him in the balls if that helps You should be making the calls men should be obeying you #marriage is sexist #the future is female #i really want to kill men for even thinking he can propose If a simple proposal is still dominated by men How are we going to fight sexism if the most traditional concept is still controlled by men Marriage should be decided by women and women only I understand why so many women are turned off by marriage It's basically a slave contract for a woman to be enslaved to a man for the rest of her life She even has to take his to me name It should be illegal for men to propose lol Meme

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