It was kind of a dick move to create animals that require air then confine them to the If you are talking about dolphins they used to be wolf like creatures that due to scarcity of food they had to hunt in water so they slowly evolved into water mammals dolphins still have claw bones but they are unnecessary and dolphins will get rid of them with time and will develop abilities to breath under water This also partially applies to whales actuallyjuststealingmemes They were what now? hey quick question why are you making other people ook at this? like why did you think this was a necessary thing to show aryone else ether than yourself? please keep this horrible thing locked away as your little secret for the rest of time thanks Mother Nature come out here I just want to talk @elodieunderglass horrible things with legs? Thank you so muchilll Ancestral creatures are Gorgeous Valid Perfectly Reasonable things with legs In regards to the first comment most things in the ocean perform gas exchange anyway so it isn't that bold of a move in some respects it's kind of a fool's move of terrestrial animals to leave the saline bath hat life started off in since we now have to lug our dumb bodies around full of carefully our cells are just Like That regarding the second comment on this thread dolphins are probably fine mostly as they are and I would not expect them to lose attrib utes to demonstrate their evolvingprogress- ing away from their origins People think that evolution is like an unstoppable escalator that either kills you or forcibly moves you from primitive things to sophisticated things but it isn't Things don't become More Thingish with Time that's not how evolution works There is no particular evolutionary pressure on dolphins to lose traits that suit their lifestyles perfectly well Most of the high-pressure challenges that wild dolphins face today-fishing activities pollution habitat destruction food network disruption and climate change are not going to exert evolutionary pressure on remnant bones and the act of breathing appears to be as natural to dolphins as well breathing For example being able to breathe surface air means that dolphins and whales can move through water that has very low quantities of oxygen such as highly polluterd water where fish cannot survive because there is not enough oxygen diffused in the water to maintain a constant supply for fish whales and dolphins can simply surface to take a gulp of air With enormous lungs that are adapted to holding breath for incredibly long periods of time whales and dolphins can essentially scuba-dive to areas of the ocean that other animals cannot access as well as eying up things above the surface of the water Ina rapidly changing environment with food climatewater all doing things they ve NEVER done before this offbeat mammalian funk- iness may even be the key towards sticking around and surviving a weird period of history Anyway these are Valid Historical Legges and evolution is not a straight line from Bad Animals to Good Progressive Animals As evidenced by how excellent and powerful these ancestral beasties are They may be ancestral but they are MAGNIFICENT pictured a good girl valid and perfect in her- self a stage of someone else's evolution but also perfectly complete in herself somebody's daughter and somebody's ancestor but also just somebody in her own right perhaps not as good at swimming as the cetaceans of the future but perfectly acceptable in her moment of history and in all other moments Thank you for this articulate obliteration of the teleological madel of evolution and its associated messed-up ideology This thing about dolphin evolution cropped up in my feed today Meme

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