IT WAS NICE OF WONDER WOMAN TO LE ND XENA HER SKIRT IN TH ST PLACE 玉F」 RV ★m 1995-2001 1987 2016-PRESENT SHARING IS CARING I loved watching Xena Warrior Princess on television For me she was the closest thing to a live-action Wonder Woman show after the Lynda Carter series ended in 1979 Xena premiered 1995 while Wonder Woman's comic origins began in 1941 That's a 54 year jump Wonder Woman has over Xena However they are both symbols for empowerment strength unity and courage * I get why some of the initial comparisons were made The Wonder Woman 'first look' photo which premiered at Comic Con 2015 was an image drenched in a brownish-sepia color palette But seriously her costume was never going to actually be that color Snyder loves that monochromatic look to images He did the same with his Batman 'first look' photo * There will always remain many similarities as both Wonder Woman and Xena have histories buried in Ancient Greek traditions There have been numerous storylines 1987 Challenge of the Gods for example in the comics where Wonder Woman and the Amazons appeared in Greek battle skirt designs long before Xena hit the small screen Long story short Xena looks like Wonder Woman not the other way around *** @reallucylawless @gal_gadot @wonderwomanfilm xena warriorprincess lucylawless greekmythology hercules mywonderwoman girlpower women femaleempowerment MulherMaravilha MujerMaravilla galgadot unitetheleague princessdiana dianaprince amazons amazonwarrior manofsteel thedarkknight Meme

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