It wasn't all for haught though!I recently struck a deal with this company called the Family Education Network which I think is owned by Pearson They're interested in bringing my story ideas to life on the web! It's been a while hasn't it? Since the last time I made with carried hotes in this thing I kind of got any brainstorming ideas for Greg's middle school life away PIVE MINVIEL s WINMWO CAPS Maybe if it does really well I can make my reality and maybe Pearson will forgive me for having to buy their textbooks unlikely but a man can dream 19L0OADUE comic dreams WANT TO N cumgPAT SAHHAS St ALONC TIME SH tdELHESHACE AR AFTRE P ASy P40-HAO tKD WES Fo MA ST hat ১৯ Pusar sueers THeHAr evclwT KCICABLE ATAR L G HArMALA Osers IA SNDEZAR -DAS Sa AIE WAS N THE C-SHOINGTHEA - Sa CALA NA Tuas our sOcLIUmY PAL-PA CETNG H They want to put Greg on this website of theirs called Funbrain it's meant to be a kid-friendly and kind of educational but from what I've seen it doesn't seem to CLOVN LLA FIGREIH A 21 E WAnete urA OKGA Neto vescho A NOTCA LIsY A-rFeca ST A-L- NA LI TIPT A LEHLPA MAD - Au STARS ENAH AY AMT TO TAILEBLU LARE ZASEEL- SPBAC NOtoRo GARME ETLEISETO WTAL CINDU TAPE SHPOPING A GUNIN THE A really fit the latter ANOS hAUE THIS ge ST ANA MEVEGumeae ASCALED C TLOOPY ConserNANET CAL tries cks-T 234 OOLD YOUCAREICE HOCKYEAU 123 452 A ANT J t x12 + 12 +332 E INGS EN LOu FAST PPAa us ANOS at- 468 2340 This looks like a job for MIGHTY GUY! 464 455 DVEL CIDS -IuusT OUTNT NUD TAN caTrAY MEMOUP-1 MCE IMALY E TU Fee outST YNS CHIRAS TS PRBAN LE CESAN NOT TWISI AUn Au Ainces NOVAR AT peinaTe TFILEA THING G SAR Matavn kestiN ru L PLANNIN ALCIDEN AT CaM CANT GETHE ASAY GRANTSMA Mor ALL D AGAPLAM was JUtem SaMS MA ThiNGIT TTWas t PAE TAM FAVE anc-TAco LOut WIFE Not that I'm complaining ceepM HAR ng AGAN THC HAL HAR T WERE Wimp The Jeff Kinney Story Pages 7 &amp 8? Meme

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