It wasnt for money but I once licked a schoolbus window for a full minute in exchange for a chocolate bar I hope this gets seen Havn't told many people In 8th grade we were dissecting frogs A kid in my lab group bet me a hundred bucks I wouldn't eat the liver I ate the liver Yes it was dripping in formaldehyde Teacher saw and I managed to convince her it was nothing That night I got so embarrassed that I called the kid and told him I didn't eat the liver and that I faked it So technically I ate a paisonous piece of frog for nothing at all licked 5 of my friends bare feet I'm talking heel to toe for $10 a pop easiest $50 I've ever made would not do again 1 drank a shot of blue Dawn dish detergent for $S in my high school biology class I threw up green foam in the next period Wasn't for money but I married a boy in elementary school for a box of Crayola Silver Swirl Crayons Bitch didn't even pay up A guy approached me outside my gym after a workout and paid me $100 to smell my feet Not my finest moment but when attending college in the early 00's a guy who lived on my floor shaved his own head put the resulting hair in a shopping bag and then said that he would pay me $20 to eat all of it I accepted My father bet me twenty bucks I wouldn't eat half of a live bluegillthinking my then seventeen girl guts could't do t he was shocked when I bit the wriggling fish in half and swallowed half of it I bought a knife with the You will be our leader Sent naked pictures for RuneScape gold not proud 60m fair deal though Friend expelied a kidney stone I ate it for 20 I was at a beer festival and chugged from a dump bucket that everyone would dump their beer into after tasting it My friend paid me $10 bucks and some random guy tossed in another $5 All in all I'd do it again Same year some eccentric rich old lady pulled me aside at the restaurant I work at and asked me to be a waiter at her parisian style engagement party for her friend She said I get $500 So I said sure Arrived when she asked me to Turns out she wanted to paint me gold glue on gold leaves to my body and have me wear a gold thong and only a gold thong I did it Got $500 bucks plus tons of tips from crazy ladies And I only lost two points of dignity Worked retail These Ridiculous Stories Show Just How Far People Will Go To Make a Buck Meme

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