IT'S ABOUT SECOND CHANCES NEIL SECOND THIRD FOURTH WHATEVER AS LONG AS YOU GET AT LEAST ONE MORE THAN WHAT ANYONE ELSE WANTED TO GIVE YOU KEYS MEANT NEILHAD EXPLICIT PERMISSION TO BE HERE AND D0 WHAT HE LIKED THEY MEANT HE BELONGED HOPE WAS A DANGEROUS DISQUIETING THING BUT HE THOUGHT PERHAPS HE LIKED ITA 97 DON'T LOOK BACK DON'T SLOW DOWN AND DON'T TRUST ANYONE BE ANYONE BUT HIMSELF AND NEVER BE ANYONE FOR TOO LONG 09 09 escapetheworldinbooks All for the Game by Nora Sakavic “All eyes are on you It’s time to show them what you’re made of There’s no room for doubt no room for second guesses no room for error This is your night This is your game This is your moment Seize it with everything you’ve got Pull out all the stops and lay it all on the line Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly Win because you don’t know how to lose This king’s ruled long enough—it’s time to tear his castle down” Meme

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