It's funny this whole Serena incident has given me as a left wing liberal guy a good insight and even sympathy toward what some conservative folks must go through trying to have discussions and respectful disagreements with many folks on my side of the aisle I just got finished getting covered in rhetorical piss and shit by several women in a Facebook discussion about this subject Despite the fact that they knew nothing about the rules of tennis or how code violations worked and despite me patiently and gently trying to explain those rules and why Serena wasn't unfairly persecuted I got labeled a mansplainer by them and denigrated as not able to have a valid opinion on the subject because I was neither a woman nor black so I basically needed to just shut the hell up Sometimes I guess it's good to see the ideological and behavioral rot that exists in your own side of the fence Reply 175 Getting labeled a mainsplainer for making a reasonable argument This is the world we live in folks Meme

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