It's OK if you're not ready yet thechekhov ebonykain isa-ghost twitblr 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 This is one of the most adorable Pride posts I’ve ever seen Scheduling this to reblog on the day before National Coming Out Day Oct 11th Because if your aren’t ready yet for any reason that is your right to not come out yet If YOU are out but have a friend who is NOT it is not your right to out them Respect their wishes respect their safety respect their health Encouraging your friends by promising to stand with them when they come out Good Bullying your friends by saying they owe it to the LGBTQIA+ community to come out Bad It’s okay if someone isn’t ready yet As someone who was outed against my will LONG before it was safe for me to be out to my family I’m gonna say this as loudly as I canYou don’t HAVE to come out! To anyone! You don’t owe it to anyone Nothing is more important than your safety If it’s better for your situation to stay closeted please do that!Coming out should be a personal decision It should be a choice you make because you feel you will be happier for it It should be something you do when you believe it will enrich your life Meme

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