I've actually played Bad company I think anyway all those types of games morph So nothing I do would make me good enough for you into one for me if I'm honest I don't want you to do anything But you still buy every Lego game because it's different from the last one I don't expect you to I want to know where I can get Hey that's different XD better Can I ask you something It depends on the person Yeah Some girls want a guy with short hair but then if you get a haircut your less attractive to the girls who like long hair Why don't you want to be more than friends I'd just like a 1 2 reason so maybe I could improve myself for the next girl RWhat I'm trying to say is we aren't a hive mind RIt's not about improvement We aren't the Borg with a long list of things we like and don't like it depends on the individual It's about meeting someone who likes you The best version of you is just you right now for the right I don't have a perfect guy 3 person Do I need to repeat myself again? And some girls will never find you attractivebut that's ok 4 Unless you want me to list generic things like kind not an aggressive asshole Like you You think I'm aggressive Don't make it about me Basically How would you change me to be your perfect guy Well you do have punch holes in your door &I don't have a perfect guy A lot of guys do Stop dodging questions So was this helpful for you I don't have a perfect guy So tell me why you don't wanna go on a date Do I need to repeat myself again? Not even one then decide after Oh my god it's like teaching a monkey mathematics Because when I look at you don't feel anything I don't find your personality attractive in any way not even a little you don't do anything for me physically ether 5 6 Don't Want You R Not only that you are the type of guy I'm afraid to say no to To I can find someone better All these things add up to Good I want you to someone I wouldn't not wanna romantic with in any sort of way Last chance before I go I'm not being harsh I'm being as honest as I can for you Goodbye and good luck Slut I'm not gonna change just for PIC COLLAGE you I apologise for it being messy but I wanted to share my conversation with this guy Meme

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