I've been convinced for many years now that the driving force behind the transgenderist movement is revenge ala cointelpro by conservative straight white dudes Oh you want us to pretend black people are fully human? Fine you'd better pretend sissy men are women Oh you want us to call you Ms & not insist you take your husband's name? Fine but I'm transitioning and taking your name & you don't get to be mad about it Oh you want us to stop sexually harassing you? Fine but if you dare use the wrong pronoun you're getting called into HR Oh you want us to pretend homosexuality isn't a sin? Fine but we're taking all our fetishes public wanking off in your spaces and there's nothing you can do about it or we'll call you phobic! The most disillusioning part of course is how so damn many Leftists just go along with it t 44 Reply I'm sure this won't get political at all Meme

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