I've had one that was abnormal where they actually recommended I do colposcopy which is pretty invasive and the doctor completely freaked me out with talks about surgery and stuff I was recommended by my sister who is also a doctor to not do any such invasive procedures at such a young age and instead see if my body can fix itself She recommended I look for a functional medicine doctor which I did I followed a functional medicine program which is basically a preventative program that helps strengthen your immune system so your body can fix itself They do very detailed and specialized bloodurinestool sample to find the root causes of your health issues After I did all these tests I had so many issues I didn't even know about like vit B12 deficiency vit D deficiency leaky gut bacteriasfungus in my gut etc Which also explained why I had other health issues like insomnia feeling anxious all the time acne etc The doctor put me on a regimen of supplementsmedicines and it kept changing every few months also a complete change of diet a change of habits like sleeping better reduce stress at work etc I redid the pap smear after 8 months and it came back normal which I am very grateful for Also I am just now more of a happy healthy person I plan to redo these functional medicine next year just to see if I still have some of these issues I can send you the clinic details by PM if you are interested they are based in Toronto but I followed the program remotely as I wasn't in Canada at that time They shipped all the test kits to me and I shipped them back and they shipped all the supplementsmedicine to me and I had conference calls with the doctors I paid around $3000 can't remember exactly for a 6 month program Not cheap but definitely was worth it O2 Angry Reply 3h a colposcopy isn't invasive at all it's a quick procedure to look at the cells on your cervix with a large microscope like machine Literally all they do is put a bit of vinegar like solution on your cervix and look and the cervix through your vaginal canal If they see a something abnormal they will do a small biopsy which is a bit uncomfortable but not very painful Please stop fear mongering A Colposcopy can and have saved women's lives by detecting cancer early Supplements and vitamins are not going to help someone who has cancer Your story sounds absolutely made up to sell junk and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to scare women into not having proper medical care If A scared woman from my mommy group asked what to do after an abnormal pap smear some loon gave her this sound advice and I just had to call her out Meme

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