I've regained my hearing after being deaf for 17 years after my operation yesterday comment your favorite songs and i'll add them to my playlist and give them a DISCUSSION 115 listen! self Music submitted 14 hours ago* last edited 11 hours ago by OPO I want to hear the best songs this beautifull world has to offer i'm really curious to see what you guys got in store for me! I was able to hear when i was a child up to about 10 years old And honestly music is the main thing i have missed for all these years EDIT Thanks so much for all the replies! Not going to lie some songs actually brought a tear to my eyes 236 comments source share save hlde glve award report crosspost hide all child comments top 200 comments show all 236 navigate by subscribe sorted by best LMAO submitted 1 year ago by you are viewing a single comment's thread OP Honestly the songs i've heard from eazy so far are really good though content policy formatting help save - +1 71 points 10 hours ago Dude why lie about being deaf? httpswwwredditcomrEminemcomments7jav51Imaodr4yjhf?utm_source=share&utm_medium ios_app permalink source embed save save-RES report glve award reply hide child comments User on rMusic claims to have been deaf for 17 years forgets he commented he heard an Eminem song a year ago Meme

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