Iwas in SpainAnd I was in a restaurant And Ineeded to use the facilities in this restaurant LI needed to drop the kids off at the pool So I did that I went to flush Didn't work Six seven times I tried to get it down James Would notgo So I was in to do the right thing I'm not just going to do a hit and run and leave it here I'lI go out and tell someone there's a problem with their facilities So l went out into the restaurant I found a waiter Unfortunately he didn't speak a word of English Ididn't speak any Spanish Solended up having to kind of gesture to this man As in Yescould you please just come here! No no no leave them alone just follow me! I ushered him into the toilet Ipointed at my poo l went to flush It went down straight away HOW WEIRD DID I LOOK? Like I just invited him into the toilet to say goodbye to my shit More awesome pics at FUNsubstancecom Meme

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