Jack McCain @McCainJack To the people upset about the #OldNavy Scandal of an a picture of a mixed race marriage eat it @Reneeitchka 5216 102 PM Jack McCain @McCainJack I hope this one burns too you ignorant racists Here is us on our wedding day @Reneeitchka CHRISMAN STUDIOS 5216 103 PM Alt Right @_AltRight So basically you couldn't get a White woman 20h Jack McCain @McCainJack @_AltRight_@Reneeitchka This response is probably my favorite so far because it is nearly the most racist thing I have ever heard 13 4 17 Jack McCain @McCainJack @AltRight_@Reneeitchka She is a strong fiercely independent well educated woman and far more than l deserve 5216 351 PM 6 RETWEETS 49 LIKES reverseracism reverseracism John McCain’s son Jack McCain responds to racists who took “offense” to the Old Navy interracial family advertisement Can we also talk about how that woman said “you couldn’t get a white woman” like white women are the tip top of the racial scale and are a prize to be had Basically insinuating Black Women are sloppy seconds #NotHereForIt Great clapback Jack Classy and to the point HEADS UP I just went through his wife’s Twitter and she’s literally an angel sent from heaven! You should check it out @reneeitchka on Twitter ❤️ Meme

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