Jacob Wohl@JacobAWohl 13m I just left a hipster coffee shop in downtown LA There was a group of young Democrats murmuring to each other that they know the Suspicious Packages were an inside job to make Republicans look bad 36 178 323 Jacob Wohl@JacobAWohl Jul 16 I just a left a hipster coffee shop It was packed with liberals whispering amongst each other about what a commendable job President Trump did with Vladimir Putin this morning in Helsinki - America is PROUD! 445 898 24K Jacob Wohl@JacobAWohl Jan 12 I was in a hipster coffee shop safe space here in LA and the libs were whispering to each other how @realDonald Trump i got them a raise at work and will definitely be re-elected in 2020 doing great for the economy Jacob Wohl@JacobAWohl Oct 5 I was sitting in a hipster coffee shop in Downtown LA this morning and couldn't help but overhear the 6 college age women seated at a table who were clamering with excitement and joy over the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court 114 t0 494 19K Jacob Wohl@JacobAWohl Jul 19 Are hipster coffee shops the new secret hotbed of Trump fans? Hipster Coffee Shops Are the Latest Meme for Tru Meme

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