Jakè Neidert Follow @Jakeandbake336 Fact minimum wage is livable if you cut out entertainment alcohol drug and eating out costs Minimum wage isn't supposed to support a 6 figure lifestyle 427 AM-20 May 2019 480 Retweets 2549 Likes AlwaysAshley @AshleyFrankly Follow Replying to @Jakeandbake336 Sit down big boy A full-time minimum- wage job doesn't pay well enough to afford rent In Kansas where the state minimum wage is $725 you'd need to make $1053 an hour to afford a studio To rent a one- bedroom at minimum wage you'd need to work 67 hours a week 1041 AM - 21 May 2019 397 Retweets 8477 Likes Pé Resists Follow @4everNeverTrump Replying to @Jakeandbake336 Okay let's try this in your city Waco Full-time minimum wage $14500year Splitting a 2 bedroom apartment in Waco $5400year Utilities $1500year Car because it's TX $6000year Income tax $1400 WITHOUT FOOD you're already at $14300 in yearly expenses 430 PM 21 May 2019 881 Retweets 7612 Likes Pé Resists Follow @4everNeverTrump Replying to @4everNeverTrump @Jakeandbake336 Nor does this account for healthcare pets clothes hygiene products Mother's Day and Xmas gifts etc There's a reason why people work 60-80 hoursweek at minimum or close to minimum wage jobs BECAUSE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE ON A MINIMUM WAGE 434 PM -21 May 2019 296 Retweets 5270 Likes Katherine Soutar Artist Follow @Kate_Dancingcat Replying to @Jakeandbake336 This Sometimes the poor are praised for being thrifty But to recommend thrift to the poor is both grotesque and insulting It is like advising a man who is starving to eat less Oscar Wilde wwwm ne 642 AM 21 May 2019 1010 Retweets 7459 Likes gahdamnpunk Why is conservative logic pretty much “you can live on a minimum wage if you cut out LIVING”?? Meme

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