James Fridman O Follow Your friends are wrong Your neck is absolutely fine This is the giraffe neck amie013 Hey Jamiel Please can you shop my picture? All my Friends say that i have a neck lke a giraffe 430 PM 26 М 2016 James Fridman Follew famie013 Hey James I want this to be my For sure profile pic but I want ppl to be sure which one am Im in blue shirt 43PM-A com amiletbil 19-30 James Fridman cjamie013@gmail com to me Welcome to America Helo My name is Andrei and m from Russia and lie on the beach here in Russia but I would ike to lay in America Walmart James Fridman Hi James could you please cut me out and send to Miami beach with some hot girls Thank you soooooo much Sure You're in Miami beach now with some hot girls Sime James Fridman efjamie013 Mate can you fix that ironing board make the boobies bigger hahaha lemme have a look Cheers Have a look 022 PM-7 Mar 21 An Fl please make my You got it booty bigggerr kim k style wanna make them bitches jealous hehe tnox! FinsiwocomThe Intenet Scavengers The intemet Scavengers Meme

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