James No lie Ive wondered if Trump isnt some kind of unaware nihilist or something someone who is often motivated by existential angst He's so bored he needs the whole world to fill the void If I was a jaded billionare nearing my final years ld probably run for president too good way to combat death anxiety by becoming as famous as possible before he croaks and just by stepping up and winning he proves life on earth cant possibly be taken seriously essentially he's Heath Ledger's joker Look at his face when he stares off he's abyss gazing Unlike Reply Message 5 hrs I see things very sarcastically Life is what you do while you're waiting to die for men statistically that is 732 years Other than raising your kids to be your primary legacy everything else seems futile Doing a good or bad job doesn't matter l do what l do because there's nothing else to fill the time Should l sit home and watch TV? I'd rather go the office and play my game of chess because that's who l am l love the game Donald Trump 1994 interview with ABC Primetime Live' Meme

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