jamesbarns i hate when scientists are like 'this planet cant have aliens on it because there's no water! the atmosphere is wrong! theres not enough heat to sustain life!' because dude theyre aliens nobodys saying they need any of those things to exist carryonmysociallyawkwardson we're so humanocentric it's infuriating just because we can't live there doesn't mean nothing can! like never mind aliens we do this with our own fucking planet! scientists used to think nothing could possibly live at the bottom of the oceans because all life needs sunlight to survive of course! yet what did we find when we invented submarines that could go deep enough? the barren wasteland the scientists were expecting? fuck no! the bottom of the sea is teeming with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures even wackier than anything they ever came up with in star trek! when we discover aliens we probably won't even fucking realise it because they'll be so different from what we're used to as 'life' we won't even recognise them as living beings antisanity things are heating up in the alien fandom Source jamesbarns 78699 notes A I've always known that we categorized aliens as humanoid or seen planets as only supporting carbon based life with a nitrogen oxygen atmosphere and no one ever considers life finds a way Meme

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