Jane Austen more more likely to have had sex with a woman than a man says historian 'People often long to know if the eternal spinster Jane Austen ever had sex with a man The answer is almost certainly not' says Lucy Worsley The idea that Charlotte Brontë the apparent goddess of hetero- sexual romance was in love with a woman for most of her life in a way that would today be described as lesbian might come as a shock yet it is not entirely new Most notably EF Benson in his biography of Charlotte Brontë written in 1932 described her relationship with Ellen Nussey as 'an emotional thread that for years was the vividest colour in Charlotte's life' More directly he assessed it as 'one of those violent homosexual attachments' and found it 'reasonable to conclude that for a considerable period of her life her emotional reactions were towards women rather than men' Even earlier Vita Sackville- West a lesbian herself who kept a photograph of Charlotte Brontë on her desk wrote in her Journal that the letters of Charlotte to Ellen were 'love-letters pure and simple' and left little doubt in one's mind as to what Charlotte's tendencies really were'2 Ernest Raymond in his book In the Steps of the Brontes 1948 described Charlotte's feelings for Ellen as 'a hot In Little Women Alcott based her heroine Jo on herself But whereas Jo marries at the end of the story Alcott remained single throughout her life She explained her spinsterhood in an interview with Louise Chandler Moulton I am more than half-persuaded that l am a man's soul put by some freak of nature into a woman's body because I have fallen in love with so many pretty girls and never once the least bit with any man However Alcott's romance mysong5alright!!!!! Meme

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