January 201 Oh you call yourself a Gamer because you play COD? Bitch PLEASE! Do you see this picture? Do you see those games? Do you see that guy standing there with the games of another console? THAT is a Gamer *I* am a Gamer YOU are a Lemming I've got a game from every damn genre I've got FPSS TPSS RTSS RPGS Racing Horror Sims I've even got bloody JRPGS I've got AAAS Indies art houses I've got prequels sequels should never of been made-els I've got standard editions special editions collectors editions Limited editions legendary editions I've got Super Nintendo Nintendo 64 Ninterndo Gamecube Nintendo Wii Nintendo DS Gameboy pocket I've got X-Box I've got Playstation I've got DLC I've got Expansion packs map packs weapon pack content packs I have something of EVERYTHING! I and take note *I am a Gamer you bloody Lemming I play real games no matter the console or genre that stir real emotion I play everything from Fallout and Mass Effect to Gears of war and Assasins Creed to Banjo Kazooie and viva pinata to yes even Call of Duty So you shut up get in line and throw your money at Activision for the same damn shooter every year so that WE can get PROPER games published and stop calling yourself a Gamer you self entitled hate filled slur slinging little wannabe Write a comment Meme

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