JASPER ITIS ME PERIDOT! Smo Hhy shauld Care Idan an HHICH PERIDOT VGH MEVERMIND! UMM Smo THE NICE BUTT PERIDOT I REMEMBER You NOW Smo 2016 JUST LET ME MAKE A CALL NO NO NO No Smo Zo16 MY FOUND PERIDOT HHICN PERIDOT DIAMONDI HAVE THE NICE BUTT PERIDOT Zo16 Sm Smoro I REMENBER THAT ONE THE MCE BUTT PERIDOT HAS BETRAYED ME olAN HON CAN A GEM WITH SUCH NICE BUTT HHOW Smo lot Woop BE SO VILE Hoof Smo tott squarecrocodiles So there’s this thing online that Peridot has a nice butt I’m on itI drew most of this comic sketch lineart some of the colouring while travelling on train some time ago I like how it turned out I wish I had this ease more often so I’d make more fast comicsCharacters belong to the crewniverse - creators of Steven Universe Art and idea are mine The hand phone idea © to a friend thanks ’D On dA httpsmoludozerkadeviantartcomartSU-comic-spoilers-quality-hind-amortization-607556679 Meme

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