jenkinsnotleeroy 14h Interestingly I've found that computer people especially those that can write code are usually pretty good at most things due to a solid understanding of processes algorithms and debugging It kind of scares me when I go to the doctor or a mechanic for my car and it quickly becomes apparent that though they are knowledgeable about their field their debuggingdiagnostic skills are not great Well everything seems to be ok We don't know why you fainted You should be glad! Yes I'm glad you found me to be in good health but this also means you didn't find the bug in my biological system so it's still there and not fixed Reply 126 Aenir Oh God How Did This Get Here? 11h Well I'm not sure what's wrong let's try stopping your heart and turning it back on again and see if that fixes it Reply 88 Lets restart your heart Meme

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