Jesse Owens and Adolf Hitler during the Olympics Hitler didn't snub me it was our president Roosevelt who snubbed me The president didn't even send me a telegram Jesse Owens OHIO New Negros screaming about Hitler and the Nazis being the worst thing to ever manifest on earth is a testament of how ignorant we are of history I've never heard Ashkenazi Jews say that King Leopold II was the most evil man ever Hell even when they talk about the crimes of the Germans they never mention what they did in Namibia to the Herero people I ain't saying that the Nazis and Hitler ain't as evil and genocidal as history paints them but from an African Historical point of view the Nazis were not the first or the worst mass killers colonizers and White Supremacist we and our ancestors had to deal with People need to come up off that We Sick Boss shit and begin to view and judge history from their own cultural context just like every one else Damn #BroDialloKeyatta I have heard many times that studying history means you'restuck in the pastBut you have not learned anything if you dont remember the past The media always report that Adolf Hitler shunned and despised Jesse Owens and the new Hollywood film called RACE does its best to portray Jesse as a one-man warrior battling against the National Socialist regime in the 1936 Olympics Here is the massively exaggerated trailer for it httpwwwinfostormercomnew-jew-hollywood-movie-race-promotes-more-anti-german-hatred-and-historical-lies Now Here is the TRUTH httpswwwyoutubecomwatch?v=GG9U1A-3rSI A 10 minute film with an interview from a man who was there on the day and saw it with his own eyes The words below are taken from a German version that you can read in German here httpsvolksbetrugpunktnetwordpresscomtag1936-jesse-owens Adolf Hitler once honoured Jesse Owens personally he shook his hand Owens struggled all his life against the vilification of Adolf Hitler This wonderful Olympian athlete 1936 on his deathbed in Florida again noted that he was not shunned and despised by Adolf Hitler as the media always report The mass media who report on his deathbed words always seem to leave out the part where he tells that the Fuehrer congratulated him personally Hollywood says that Hitler had not congratulated Jesse Owens because he was a black man This lie has now been made into a major Hollywood blockbuster film even though the English newspapers of those days actually reported that Hitler personally congratulated Jesse Owens on his great victory and that the black athlete was full of admiration for Hitler There is not one single word of this in the heavily censored BRD-media even though the source is German The English Telegraph writes Owens insisted throughout his life that Hitler had not avoided him 'When I approached the tribune of the Fuehrer he stood up and waved at me and I waved back The journalists acted in bad taste to criticize the man of the hour so ' Telegraph 1182009 httpsiegrunenblogspotfr201602the-new-race-film-jesse-owens-hitlerhtml?m=1 Meme

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