Jessica Meir @Astro_Jessica My first venture >63000 the space equivalent zone where water spontaneously boils! Luckily I'm suited! 10h 004t 384230 @Astro_Jessica Wouldn't say it's spontaneous The pressure in the room got below the vapor pressure of the water at room temp Simple thermo waitinghopingliving darwinquark tedbroiler ithelpstodream Some guy just mansplained space to an actual fucking astronaut tfw correcting misinformation is written off as mansplaining tfw when idiots on tumblr who know jack shit about thermo assume the dude is ‘correcting misinformation’ when actually he’s dead ass wrong ‘Spontaneous’ is a scientific term - it means a reaction with a negative Gibb’s free energy ie a reaction that will occur without an external energy input ie water boiling because of low atmospheric pressure Spontaneous is absolutely the correct term for what she’s observing and that is ‘simple thermo’ and this is ‘correcting misinformation’ Have a nice day Meme

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